Frequently Asked Questions

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The sign-up to HalloCall app is a three-step process. Install the HalloCall app and enter your mobile number to get the OTP. Enter the OTP you receive to verify your phone number. Once the phone number is verified, enter a password to complete the signup.

Logging into the HalloCall app is very simple. Enter the phone number and the password that you had earlier set, the app is ready to go.

Reset password by clicking on forgot password tab. Get an OTP to verify phone number. Enter the OTP. The next prompt is to create a new password. Once the phone number is verified successfully, you can reset a new password. Use this new password for logging in.

Reset password by clicking on forgot password tab. Enter mobile number to get an OTP. Verify phone number using the OTP. Create a new password after the OTP is verified successfully. New password is set. Use this password for logging in.


Start browsing contacts and identify your friends and family that are using the app. Start chatting with your friends for free with contacts on the HalloCall app.

Chatting with HalloCall friends is very easy. Chat with your HalloCall contacts for free anywhere in the world.

The HalloCall app for mobile top-up supports 550 mobile operators from more than 150 countries across the world.

In the chat option, choose the create group option. Select the friends from the HalloCall contacts and create the group to start chatting. Choose a profile picture for this group in the group chat settings.

Making crystal clear audio calling is very easy from the HalloCall app. Select the friend from friends’ list, click on his name, an option to call is seen. Click on the call button and wait for the friend to answer for a pristine call. App to App call is absolutely Free.

One of the best features in the HalloCall app is HD video calling. Call HalloCall friends on a video call to enjoy an in-person speaking experience. Choose the video calling option on selected friend’s name on the app and enjoy an HD video call.

Top Up mobile by choosing the country and operator. Enter the mobile number. Select the recharge amount for selected mobile carrier. Choose the amount for airtime credit. See the order preview with the available balance. Pay with HalloCall credits.

A virtual number can be activated on HalloCall to ensure the confidentiality of a phone number. You can choose the number to which the calls are to be forwarded. You can make and receive calls using your virtual number as you would make from any other phone number.

There are two methods in the international calling facility. The first method is Pay-as-you-go for the calls from the HalloCall credit balance. The second technique is to buy international calling packages by using the HalloCall credit balance. These packages offer special rates.

You can send SMS from your HalloCall app to other phones using the HalloCall credit balance. The rates to these SMS can be verified from the app menu.

Yes, there is a facility to top-up friends’ numbers from the HalloCall app. Add the number to top-up and top-up using the HalloCall credits.

HalloCall credits can be transferred to you friends and loved one in a very simple process. Go to Hallo Transfer menu and select your friend’s contact number from the contact list or enter number manually to whom you want to transfer, enter the amount and press “share”. The receiver must be HalloCall user.


The HalloCall app has many friendly calling packages that are designed for your calling country. Go to subscribe package and select the suitable one using the HalloCall credits.

The HalloCall app supports multiple currencies. Choose the currency from settings. Buy the package that is the most suitable using HalloCall credits.


Choose an amount of HalloCall credits to add into the balance in the HalloCall app. Continue with the selected amount to see the order information. Select payment mode (Credit Card, Debit Card or BTC) and complete the payment. Once this transaction is complete, payment will be successful. Try again if it is not successful with another mode of payment.

Make payments using Credit Card, Debit Card, and BitCoin (BTC). Choose the payment that is the most suitable and complete a payment.