About Us

About Us

You are not alone! We are with You!

Our mission is to let people stay connected in these unprecedented times. The HalloCall app is a cool communication app to bring people closer with technology.

The story behind the HalloCall app:

The HalloCall is the brainchild of a technology buff who aspired to create a revolutionary cost-effective all-in-one communication app with robust features. His deep knowledge in the communication domain with a rich travel history allowed him to understand how to bridge the demand for a unique messenger app.

The Covid-19 has awakened the world to disturbing times with reduced in-person communication. The HalloCall launch is a respite providing much-needed connectivity online.

Dozens of engineers have toiled to make this app live. With the best features and solutions in place, the HalloCall is the exact match for the current global demand.